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The Gables, Inc., is the corporate holder of one of George Barber's famous homes built for local merchant, William Baker around 1899. The home changed hands only a three times since his family passed away, was acquired by Michael Chisholm in 1984 and has since been home to Michael Chisholm and his wife, Rachel Chisholm the current owners of the "old lady" and proprietors of the Gables apartments.  

A Little History

The Gables, also known as the "Baker House", was designed by George Barber, well known in the architect community for his unique designs. He was also a revolutionary for starting one of the first mail order catalogues for fine homes.

This particular home was built around 1898-1899 for William H. Baker, of Winchester, Va.

What's Up Lately


The house underwent a new paint job in 2008. Using shades of purples, violets, lavendars and rose, a suitable favorite in Old Victorians and a good choice to blend in lovely with the old gray slate roof which is one of the dominant, most noticeable features of the Gables due to the bowl shaped designs. The roof is one of the most unique features of the house.

More painting is planned in the future to add colors in certain focus point areas but for now, we are concentrating on more improvements to the interior of the house.

Our Apartments

 We rent out four apartments in the house and the "cottage: which is located behind the house.

Look under our Availabe apartments to the left to see if there are any vacancies at this time. We also advertise on Craig's List and the Winchester Star when apartments are available.